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a man faced with single stroke ENSOU - from REIBU's installation art & zen program at SOJIJI, Yokohama JAPAN (photo by Tetsuhito Ishihara)
a man faced with single stroke ENSOU - from REIBU's installation art & zen program at SOJIJI, Yokohama JAPAN (photo by Tetsuhito Ishihara)



 REIBU is known as a figurative artist who directs enlightening connection between art viewers and artworks. 


 As you can see in the representative artwork "Ensou", REIBU's important motifs are simple shapes such as straight lines, curves and circles that anyone in the world can recognize. His brushstrokes have not only the beauty of the classic technique of Shodo (calligraphy) that is familiar to East Asian people, but also the beauty as an abstract painting that is familiar to Western people.


 With the appearance and universal beauty as an entrance, the works of REIBU will invite further to the back. His production style that instantaneous 'here now' is condensed, which is reminiscent of the world of 'Zen', creates a time-space where the taste is deepened to the philosophical beauty that is deeply linked to the viewer.



 As a supportive setting of his expressions, REIBU continues to embody the "Zen" being fostered in Japan, his roots, in his daily life. The senses that his life itself grasps as it is, where exists no longer barriers between perfection and imperfection, are sublimed into art work using the technique of "Sho."


 As an original experience, REIBU had developed a symptom of depression from the mid 20's and he had left the social life to rest at home. However, he had finally cured that symptom by immersing himself in drawing calligraphy for several months, while letting go of any expectations. All there had been was to take a look at a line produced by his hand from time to time, a line that he felt "beautiful".


 In other words, REIBU tasted purely a time "here now", which was pleasantly separated from the time axis such as the past and the future, while away from the obsession with socialities, social roles and ego after all.



 An incidental (and also inevitable) handwriting that goes beyond the creator's ego is a mirror that also reflects a state of mind of the appreciator. The beauty that comes in their eyes makes them unprotected with giving a deep sigh, a light penetrates the inside of their heart, and the self-evident logic naturally rises. The protagonists who benefit from art are the witnesses of art, thus they are witnesses of themselves.

at JAPAN EXPO 2015, Paris
at JAPAN EXPO 2015, Paris



 Beginning with the JAPAN EXPO appearance in Paris, REIBU's art continues to increase its fans around the world while exhibiting at foreign art fairs such as New York, Santa Fe, Miami, and Busan.


 For example, doctors, psychologists, diplomats, judoists, managers and consultants with a vision of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), etc. It has been welcomed by the various people who have begun to develop dynamic spiritual richness, which is listed in the WHO (World Health Organization) definition of health, and contribute to people and society as businesses or activities.


  It may be a original function for human beings that they can feel attractive to meaningless thing or can adjust their mental balance through experiencing it. REIBU sincerely has dealt with thousands and tens of thousands of ceremonies ; he put a piece of paper, adds ink to the brush and draws a circle or a straight line in the direction of comfortable movement. It would look seemingly useless for human social activities, but this is REIBU's way of life.


 At exhibitions, workshops and live-painting sites, the voices similar to the surprises have been risen, "Zen was here", "the world I was looking for was here" and "oh, this is it."


 REIBU can not provide a beautiful view of the world that has been visualized. However, he creates artworks by trusting that the view of the world that exists inside each viewers comes to the surface. REIBU believes that when people stand in front of true beauty, they give themselves permission to let go of fears and restrains, and bring spirituality to a higher level.


 REIBU is committed to dedicating his career to the pursuit of world-standard health through the creation of artworks.

Meditation to immerse REIBU itself in nature  (White Sands National Monument / New Mexico, USA)
Meditation to immerse REIBU itself in nature (White Sands National Monument / New Mexico, USA)