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REIBU's representative artwork "ENSOU"


 - it is a circle painted with a single stroke of handwriting, also a circle drawn at a state of meditation removing the barriers between himself and others.


There is no meaning in this artwork.


There is no intention to those who see this artwork.


It is just like watching the moon floating in the night sky


A famous poet wrote such words..

"Let the water settle and 

 you will see the moon and the stars in your being."

 Meditated REIBU's brush stroke is a symbol of "here now". At this moment, a plenty of water contained in the brush as ink or dye leaves the artist's reign, flows as if it has its own intention, and settles spontaneous shape on paper. This handwriting shows how unintended present moment opens a beautiful moment.
 When the handwriting forms a circle, it becomes to have the function to stimulate various cognitive systems in humans. And, when you face your body toward a circle and look at it, central round space surrounded by the the brush stroke becomes a window that reflects your inner space.
 You may feel some kind of confusing on this seemingly worthless act. However, if you immerse yourself in this comfortable handwriting, you will find yourself adjusting correctly and revealing your vector to head to. This is a one of the wisdom of Zen, a world of mindfulness.